This course comprehensively addresses a spectrum of performance outcomes, competencies, and a profound understanding requisite for the adept identification of children and young individuals who may be exposed to various risks, subsequently necessitating the accurate and timely reporting of such concerns in strict accordance with the prevailing legislative mandates.

This course dives deep into all the rules and policies that are there, making sure everyone who’s in on it knows their duty when looking after kids, which is a big deal. And you know what? It’s not just for one type of job. Everyone who works with kids, like those in community services or healthcare, local sports coaches or church pastors. Everyone in and around children can use this informative course to help them feel comfortable in their roles.

Cost: $150
Where: At your house or work, or on your phone.

When: Whenever you enrol and get started. The course is self paced and you can log in and out as you please to complete the overall course and receive your certificate.

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