Woman helped save life three weeks after learning first aid

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THREE weeks after Katrina Pitman gained her first aid qualification, she helped to save a life.

And now after experiencing first-hand that tragedy can strike anywhere and any time, Miss Pitman encourages others to invest in learning lifesaving skills.

While aboard a cruise ship and headed to a party, the Fraser Coast woman saw an elderly man collapse.

She rushed to his side and performed CPR alongside another person using the freshly learned knowledge.

The pair kept the man alive before a medical team arrived.

“I was relieved to know that I could help,” Miss Pitman said, speaking of the incident.

“If I didn’t know what to do, I would have felt helpless.”

The 30-year-old sleep study technician initially completed the first aid course as part of a job requirement, and said she never expected to be put in a situation of needing to perform lifesaving procedures.

“I was doing what I was taught to do; first seeking a response, looking for danger, and checking to see if they were breathing,” she said.

“Luckily I had another person to assist with the compressions.”

Miss Pitman was later informed that her quick reaction was a reason why the man was still alive when transported for treatment.

“I am no hero, I did what any able person would do,” she said.

“If you do find yourself needing to perform first aid, look after yourself, and seek counselling afterwards if you need to.

“It has really highlighted the importance of knowing first aid.”