If an accident occurs, make sure you have a first aid kit at the ready that’s fully stocked with the essentials.

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June 23, 2015, 10:00 pm

Does your family have a first aid kit handy?

Do you have a family first aid kit? If you don’t, it’s time to make sure you stock your cabinet, car and camping bag with these essential items that will come in handy should any accidents occur.

  1. Triangular bandages
    Usually made from a metre square of cotton or calico folded diagonally, triangular bandages can be used in various ways as a sling or for immobilisation of broken bones and soft tissue injuries.
  2. Crepe (conforming or elastic) ‘roller’ bandages 
    Commonly used to securing a dressing in place on a wound, maintaining pressure over a bulky pad to control bleeding, supporting an injured limb or joint, applying pressure to a limb in circumstances such as a snake bite.

3.Sterile non-adherent dressings 
Sterile wound dressings should be opened carefully with clean or gloved hands so as to avoid contamination of the wound it is to be placed over. For controlling bleeding, dressings must be bulky to ensure adequate pressure is applied over the wound.

  1. Disposable gloves 
    It’s imperative when giving first aid to minimise the risks to yourself, the patient, and any bystanders. Wherever possible, wash your hands in soapy water or a hand sanitiser then apply disposable gloves (preferably non-latex) before touching a wound, blood or other bodily fluids. If there is no time to obtain or apply gloves, place your hands in plastic bags and use the patient’s hands to apply pressure to serious bleeding wounds.
  2. Thermal blanket
    Usually waterproof and windproof, a first aid thermal blanket is used to prevent or counter hypothermia and can also be used to comfort patients suffering shock.
  3. Plastic bags of varying sizes
    Re-sealable bags can house all your smaller first aid items, whilst bigger plastic bags can be used to hold ice, snow, or cold water for cooling strains and sprains.\
  1. Adhesive tape (2.5cm wide)
    Probably the most versatile of all first aid kid supplies, adhesive tape can be used to hold gauze, pads or bandages in place, or to help splint broken bones. It’s also useful to cover blisters, whilst small strips of tape can help hold cuts together while the patient awaits stiches or further treatment.
  2. Resuscitation mask or face shield
    Face masks or face shields act as an infection barrier for first aiders performing artificial respiration in CPR, although the risk of transmission of disease by CPR is extremely low and first aiders are most likely to have to perform CPR on a relative. These devices can also complicate the process of CPR or cause the first aider to inappropriately focus on the mouth-to-mouth aspect of CPR (when chest compressions are the most important). The current advised rate of chest compressions to breaths in CPR is 30 compressions to 2 breaths.
  3. Hand sanitiser
    It’s extremely important to minimise infection when applying first aid. Wash your hands with a hand sanitiser and then apply gloves whenever possible.
  4. Antibiotic ointment
    A good antibiotic ointment should be used to dab on cuts and scrapes to prevent infection. For fresh wounds be sure to wash first with cool, running water (avoid soap as it can irritate wounds). Once the wound is clean, dab on some antibiotic ointment and cover with a sterile pad or bandage.
  5. Antiseptic solution 
    Antiseptic solutions are essential to the effective first aid treatment of open wounds, cuts and grazes. The sooner first aid is applied the lesser the risk of the patient suffering long term scarring or infection.
  6. Eyewash solution
    Eyewash solutions offer quick soothing relief from emergency eye irritations such as dust, sand, sawdust, insects or other similar foreign particles.

13. First aid manual
Make sure you have access to an easy to use first aid manual to ensure the patient is given adequate attention in an emergency whilst awaiting professional medical assistance.

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