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National Asthma Council Australia has announced the launch of a new Asthma Buddy mobile website

The Council says Asthma Buddy is an easy-to-use and take-anywhere asthma management tool.

Preserving all existing functionalities, the improved Asthma Buddy lives on a mobile-only website with enhanced flexibility and reliability, available here.

The mobile-only website can house complete asthma action plans so that patients can refer to it to know what day-to-day asthma medication to take.

It’s also aimed at helping them recognise whether their asthma is getting worse, and gives them advice on what they should do in response.

“Asthma Buddy is an industry leading asthma management tool that people can personalise with their GPs to suit their needs, it provides guidance to take early actions and reassurance when experiencing an asthma attack,” says Stephen Hughes, National Asthma Council director and pharmacist.

“As pharmacists, we now have an excellent tool to use and recommend. Helping a patient to input their existing action plan to Asthma Buddy provides an ideal opportunity to discuss their understanding of their asthma medications, as well as adherence and inhaler technique.”

Similar to a phone app, the mobile-only website is easily accessible through any mobile devices, making it convenient for people with asthma to keep their asthma action plans handy.

A key feature of Asthma Buddy is its ability to house multiple profiles under one account, making it easy for use by parents or caregivers to manage medications for different people under their care.

Other features of Asthma Buddy include users being able to:

  • Record a preventer and reliever medication plan.
  • Help recognise whether symptoms (or peak flow measurements) are getting worse, and when to get help immediately.
  • Know what to do in case of an emergency including easy access to the First Aid for Asthma instructions on a mobile device.
  • Share PDF copies of asthma action plan with others, such as a GP and carvers.
  • Record and access the contact details for a GP or emergency contact person.
  • Access National Asthma Council’s library of How-To videos including clips showing the correct use ofvarious asthma and COPD inhalers.

“Asthma action plans are evidence-based and effective asthma management tools, now patients can upload them to Asthma Buddy and take it with them wherever they go,” Mr Hughes says.


The launch of Asthma Buddy is funded by GSK Australia. The National Asthma Council retained editorial control.

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