Boy clings to life after snake bite

A LITTLE boy is fighting for his life in hospital after he was bitten three times by one of the world’s most venomous snakes at his home in central Queensland.
Two-year-old Eli Campbell remained in a serious condition overnight after he was bitten by a Coastal Taipan while collecting chicken eggs at his family’s Agnes Water property last week.
He suffered a cardiac arrest and was declared dead for almost six minutes but paramedics were able to revive him.
Eli has been in an induced coma for most of the past week, and his parents Brittany and Giles have remained by his side at the Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane.
Family friend Paul Boulton said had been “living in shock” since the incident and said Eli was a “beautiful boy” as he shared his prayers.

“Sending Eli all the love, prayers and light possible and for Giles and Britt the strength to carrying on, during this traumatising experience,” he said.
Another friend, Blake Hyland, started a Gofundme page which has raised more than $13,000 so far.
“All positive thoughts go out to his family at this time and we are praying (Eli) makes a full recovery,” he said.
Mr Hyland said the tragedy had “hit really close to home” as he also had two young sons.


“It is a situation that could (have) easily happened to my family or any other young families that live in rural Australia,” he said.
Moreton Bay snake catcher Peter Brabrook said the Coastal Taipan is considered the third most venomous in the world, though it usually has a shy temperament.
“It is more likely to ‘flight’ than ‘fight’ unless it feels threatened, possibly the snake had nowhere to escape and that’s when it attacked,” he said.
Mr Brabrook said Eli’s mother likely saved her son’s life by applying pressure bandages to the wound before paramedics arrived.

Oh my god. Hopefully the young lad pulls through. Its great to hear his mother knew what to do by applying the pressure bandage. She has obviously done a first aid course in the recent past. Please if you live on property go and get trained in first aid by booking in to a first aid course. So many emergencies happen on farms/property and you always need to be prepared because an ambulance can sometimes be delayed.

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