Boy, uses first aid training to save father’s life

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Jack Lowis has been hailed a hero for saving his father’s life (Photo: Lisa Lowis)

Valerie Browne 4 hours Thursday November 16th 2017

Nine-year-old Jack Lowis saved his father’s life using first aid skills he’d learned at school, the day before the emergency. A young hero Keith Lowis was eating breakfast with his son last Saturday, when cereal got lodged in his windpipe, choking the father of two.

Jack stayed calm and started patting his dad forcibly on the back, a first aid technique he’d learned the previous day. The brave young boy was just about to call an ambulance when his efforts finally dislodged the food, enabling his father to breath again.

It could happen to anyone Luckily the Lowis family from County Durham could count on Jack – Jack’s mum, Lisa and older-sister, Holly, had left home early for a day trip to Newcastle on the day of the crisis. Mr Lowis was understandably shaken up by the ordeal, but that came secondary to the feeling of pride he felt for his son: “I was so frightened when I started choking, but Jack came in and took over, as calm as anything.” Full of surprises Jack didn’t tell his parents he’d had first aid training specifically in choking from his school, Prince Bishops Primary, in conjunction with St Johns ambulance.

The Tuesday after the incident, Jack nonchalantly stuck the crumpled First Aid certificate on the fridge. “When my wife and I read it, we were amazed.” Said Mr Lowis, “Jack had been taught first aid in assembly the day before I choked. An incredible coincidence.” Putting two and two together The Lowis family put Jack’s miraculous rescue down to his mother being a nurse who’d taught her children general first aid. “It’s been a long time since they’ve had a refresher, so we’re so thankful the school were able to deliver this training that helped save my life.” Said Mr Lowis.

In safe hands Mr Lowis said a few dads call his son “Safe Hands” on account of him being a quick-thinking goalkeeper who plays for Newton Aycliffe Junior Football Club. Following his heroic actions, the nickname has spread far beyond the football pitch. Mr Lowis said: “More and more people are calling him it and it’s certainly very apt.”

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