Calls for compulsory first aid training for all nursery staff in Wales


Parents are calling for all staff in nurseries in Wales to have paediatric first aid training. Similar steps have already been taken in England, after a nine-month-old died after choking on her lunch.

Nine-month old Millie died after choking on food at a nursery in Manchester. Now her parents have written to the Welsh Government asking them to support their campaign for all nursery staff to be trained in paediatric first aid

Watch Megan Boot’s report:y video

Currently regulations in Wales require at least one member of staff trained in first aid for every 10 children, though evidence suggests providers tend to have more trained staff than the minimum requirement.

9-month-old Millie Thompson died in 2012 Credit: ITV Granada

In a statement, the Welsh Government said that the safety of children who use childcare in Wales is a “priority”.

The law, standards and the regulation and inspection arrangements for childcare ensures that providers of registered care and their staff have the relevant first aid qualifications and training that is appropriate to meet the needs and age range of the children they care for. We will continue to keep these arrangements under review.

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