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With two separate incidents with tragically similar circumstances, just days before Christmas it’s a timely reminder to be careful in your driveways. report –

Have you ever thought about writing/creating a family agreement or policy for reversing cars with small children around? If not, now is the time to think seriously about it.
The South Australian Government reports – “On average, seven children are killed each year and 60 seriously injured after being hit or run over by a motor vehicle at home. Very young children are at greatest risk. 90% of children killed and 70% of those seriously injured are under five years of age.”
Whilst a number of cars now days are fitted with safety/reversing cameras, they can have blind spots as well. Being conscious of your surroundings and making your children and family aware of the dangers in this situations is vital.
Kids Safe NSW have four main tips to help keep your children safer:
• Always supervise any children whenever a vehicle is to be moved – hold their hands or hold them close to keep them safe.
• If you’re the only adult around and need to move a vehicle, even just a small distance, put children securely in the vehicle with you while you move it.
• Encourage children to play in safer areas away from the driveway and cars – the driveway is like a small road and should not be used as a play area.
• Limit a child’s access to the driveway – for example use security doors, fencing or gates
RACV not only provide information on ‘Keeping some simple ideas in mind can make a huge difference to the safety of children in your care. Supervise, Separate, See’. But also have the ‘Elmo Stays Safe app’ that you can download on your iPad for kids to become aware as well.
– Checking on your children should be the last thing you do before you get into the car.
– When you’re putting your children in the car, remind them that reversing cars are extremely dangerous.
– Create a checklist with things like the following and make it routine to go through before you reverse.
Below are some further links to refer to for information and documentation relating to driveway and children safety!
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