Dasha and mum Peta Moore thank first aid heroes

A TERRIFYING moment led to a happy reunion where baby Dasha and mum Peta Moore could personally thank the ­heroes who rushed to their aid last month.

Ms Moore made a public plea through the Geelong Advertiser for a group of people who rushed to help her daughter in a frightening moment to come forward.

She and mum Kaye were walking to their car from the Geelong-Richmond AFL clash with 14-month-old Dasha last month when the infant began to choke and turned blue.

Strangers rushed to the family’s aid.

Ms Moore, who was desperate to thank the helpers, was thrilled when her heroes contacted her last week after reading the story in the Geelong Advertiser.

Recently retired MFB firefighter Noel Flakemore used his emergency medical response training to assess the situation and help Dasha last month.

The no-fuss MFB veteran did not expect accolades, but enjoyed the opportunity to meet Ms Moore and Dasha under calmer circumstances on Sunday.

“To have a call from the mother was great news,” Mr Flakemore said.

“I was just doing the simple things — comforting the family, looking for signs.”

Bryah Merriman and her father saw Ms Moore struggling to help Dasha and ­immediately ran to help.

Dasha showed no signs of breathing and Ms Merriman began to start CPR.

“It was full on — but it’s ­really rewarding to meet the family and know that Dasha is fine,” she said during their fun-filled reunion.

The little girl was taken to Geelong hospital by ambulance. Doctors eventually ­determined she had experienced febrile convulsions.

These fits or seizures, caused by high temperatures, are common among infants and can last for several minutes. They do not cause ongoing damage but can be scary for unsuspecting parents.

Mr Flakemore and Ms Merriman said the experience showed them the benefits of knowing basic first aid.

“It’s so valuable. I would like to hope that if someone from my family was in a situation where they needed help, someone who knew first aid could help,” Mr Flakemore said.

Ms Moore and bubbly Dasha were delighted to meet those who had rushed to their aid.

“It was really nice and I just feel I’ve done the right thing by letting them know the outcome,” Ms Moore said.

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