Farmer brings dog back to life with mouth to snout resuscitation

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Farmer Glen Rowe, from Victoria’s Wimmera, told 9NEWS he didn’t think twice about getting up close and personal with his six-year-old kelpie Jack after the dog strangled himself on his farm.

“He’s my main man on the farm, very important to have a good sheepdog,” Mr Rowe said.

dog cpr

Jack became strangled after he fell from a quad bike while attached to a lead. (9NEWS)

Jack found himself strangled after he fell off the back of Glen’s four-wheel motorbike while still attached to his lead.

“[I] thought, gee whiz, I got to get him going. So I lied down on the back of the motorbike and pressed on his chest.”

The farmer realised the chest compressions wouldn’t save Jack so he resorted to mouth to nose resuscitation.

“So I put my hand over his nose and blew into his nose and did that a few times then he started to breathe,” he said.

kelpie cpr

Jack, 6, provides vital help around Mr Rowe’s farm. (9NEWS)

Not long after, Jack began to perk up.

“I thought, you beauty, this is working!” Mr Rowe said.

Jack has spent his life by Glen’s side helping round up sheep and although they are close, Mr Rowe said he never even lets Jack lick him.

“I’m not one of these people who let the dog lick them. Yeah, you do love your animals you get a lot of satisfaction from animals.”

dog cpr farmer

‘You beauty this is working!’ Farmer Glen successfully perfomed CPR on Jack. (9NEWS)

The RSPCA said the outcome of Mr Rowe’s effort is remarkable.

It said CPR is important in an emergency and recommends following the same course of action if needed.

Pet owners are advised to begin compression if no heartbeat is found and then to check the airways to make sure everything is clear before starting mouth to mouth.

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