First aid key to saving life of heart attack patients: Specialist

TNN | Nov 14, 2016, 06.57 AM IST

Nagpur: “Just like death, heart attacks come without a warning, irrespective of age. Radio jockey Shubham is the latest example whose young and bubbling life was cut short by a heart attack. It is therefore high time that everyone, young or old alike, take precaution to avoid it,” said Dr Sanjay Dachewar on Sunday.

Giving various examples of how heart attack occurs, sports medicine specialist Dr Dachewar, who was addressing a seminar on ‘How to identify heart attack, its first aid and medical care during transport of the victim’ organized at Ishwar Deshmukh College of Physical Education to pay tributes to Shubham, said that stress, eating junk food and careless lifestyle many youngsters lead take a toll on health.

Dr Dachewar said that “In case of a suspected heart attack, care should be taken that the patient does not walk a single step and be seated in 45 degree angle. It is necessary to breathe twice in sufferer’s mouth by closing patient’s nose so that air should not pass. The chest of the patient should be pressed strongly at the centre ten times to avoid complications,” he said.

“When patient’s heart stops working, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, can be used as an emergency procedure that combines chest compression often with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually keep brain functioning intact until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is suffering from cardiac arrest,” he said.

RJ Rohit, a close friend of the late RJ Shubham, said that he could have helped save Shubham’s life had he known these facts earlier.

Ashish Managale, principal of the college, advised people to walk daily at least for 10 minutes. “In most cases, people stop walking after a week. It is our duty to take care of our health,” he added.

Not the same ratios that we use here in Australia for CPR but still some good information getting into the papers in India. In our first aid courses you will learn that the CPR ratio is 2 breaths to 30 compression’s. This is not the only usefull information you will be informed of so get down to one of our wonderful first aid courses in Canberra.

(Reporting by Farhan Kazi)

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