First Aid Training in Canberra for Summer


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THREE toddlers have drowned in NSW this month, sending a harrowing reminder to parents to watch their children at all times this summer season.

All parents should know first aid and CPR because knowledge is the difference between life and death, according to a Randwick paediatric nurse.

As school holidays and the Christmas silly season arrives, author Sarah Hunstead is reminding parents of the dangers that can happen with children around water, insects, small objects and hot surfaces.

“Always watch children near water. Many assume drowning is a loud splashy affair, however a toddler can drown in less than 30 seconds and it can be very silent,” she said.

In the past ten years 67 children under five years of age have drowned in a NSW swimming pool.


Her key message is to stay calm during accidents and the best way to be in control is to be empowered with knowledge.

Ms Hunstead has released her first book to teach parents baby and child first aid.

“In a lot of situations first aid may not be able to help children who have fell into water. But a recent Surf Life Saving Australia report showed an increase of 50 per cent of toddlers drowning in the past twelve months, maybe if parents are better trained in CPR this statistic will be lower.”

In the past ten years 67 children under five years of age have drowned in a NSW swimming pool.

An 18-month-old girl was playing beside a relative’s pool in Griffith on Sunday afternoon, when the adults watching her glanced away “for a matter of seconds”, and she fell in and drowned.

The same day, a two-year-old boy was pulled unconscious from a backyard pool in Windsor Downs, in Sydney’s northwest.

A week ago, a two-year-old boy died after falling into a pool at a house in Cronulla.

Sarah Hunstead’s A Life. A finger. A Pea up a Nose. is available at for $24.95.

Canberra First Aid endorse the above book as a great resource. Learning CPR and First Aid is vital for all parents, make sure you get trained today. When an emergency happens you will be happy to have the skills. Heading into the summer now is the time to get first aid training in Canberra. 

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