First-aid training for students, parents in Shamal

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Qatar Red Crescent Society’s (QRCS) health education section offered first-aid training for 1,050 beneficiaries at schools and social centres in the Al Shamal region during the first semester of the current academic year.
Sponsored by the Ras Laffan Community Outreach Programme (COP), QRCS’s ‘I Am a Paramedic’ programme is designed to promote first-aid and injury care skills among students, teachers and parents.
The programme has covered 750 trainees in 17 schools and academies, with health education and practical training sessions delivered by specialist medical trainers, QRCS has said in a statement.
During the Qatar Spring Festival, a first-aid workshop was held for 50 students at the Qatar Voluntary Centre. The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
In co-operation with Al-Yarmouk Preparatory School for Boys, QRCS held a series of first-aid workshops over a week for the benefit of 250 students, staff and parents who participated in the festival.
The sessions introduce the theoretical and practical basics of first-aid, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation, suffocation, bleeding, fracture, nosebleed, burn, eye injury, epilepsy, asthma, poisoning, victim moving techniques, early trauma intervention, home safety and the health effects of cigarette smoking.
These activities fall under the blanket ‘QRCS School Programme’, which supports the educational system by capitalising on the capacity of the youth, raising awareness of social solidarity and responsibility, and preparing student leaders who contribute to school and community protection against disaster and environmental risks, the statement notes.
The components of the programme are as follows: the ‘I Am a Paramedic’ health programme involves first-aid training and health education on nutrition, hygiene, communicable diseases, home safety, oral health and other relevant topics; the ‘Safe School’ risk reduction programme seeks to improve community disaster preparedness and effective response; and the ‘Social Peace and Integration’ programme organises informative lectures to enrich positive values among school students, such as interactive communication, open-mindedness, behavioural discipline, psychological balance and mutual respect.

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