Grass fire contained in Latham’s Umbagong Park

Georgina Connery
Published: January 30, 2017 – 6:58PM

Firefighters have extinguished a grass fire that was burning perilously close to homes in Latham on Monday evening..

Eleven units and two helicopters helped to put out the fire at Umbagong Park, which created significant smoke in the area.

Emergency Service Crews had earlier warned the fire was burning in an easterly direction toward Dalley Crescent, Inglis Place, Mcfarlan Place and Moorehead Place.

“Fires burning in VERY HIGH conditions can be difficult to control – flames may burn into the tree tops,” the agency spokesman said at the time.

“There is a chance people may die or be injured. Some homes and businesses may be damaged or destroyed.”

The spokesman warned embers could be blown and spot fires may occur 2km ahead of the fire.

“Your home will only offer safety if it and you are well prepared and you can actively defend it during a fire,” they said.

“Leaving is the safest option for your survival. You should relocate to the location identified in your Bushfire Survival Plan.”

No property was damaged and no injuries have been reported.

More to come. 

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