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Heatwave kills 33 people in Canada

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A NASTY heatwave has killed 33 people in Quebec as high summer temperatures scorched eastern Canada.

Eighteen of the deaths occurred in Montreal, where the mercury today was forecast to climb to 45 degrees Celsius with humidity. The city’s public health department said most of those who died were men between the ages of 53 and 85 who lived on the upper floors of apartment buildings without air conditioning.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed condolences and a warning on Twitter:

Heat warnings are in effect across southern Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic region of the country, where temperatures have regularly topped 30 degrees since last Friday, accompanied by stifling humidity levels, making the heat unbearable.

However, relief is expected soon as meteorologists are forecasting a drop in temperatures overnight.

The record-breaking heatwave began on June 29.

In 2010, a heatwave killed around 100 people in the Montreal area.

Maximum temperatures recorded on July 3. Picture: University of Maine Climate Reanalyzer

Maximum temperatures recorded on July 3. Picture: University of Maine Climate ReanalyzerSource:Supplied


In much of the Northern Hemisphere, the heat has simply become extreme.

In Northern Siberia, on the edge of the Arctic Sea, temperatures have surged between 5C and 32C above the seasonal average in the past week.

“It is absolutely incredible and really one of the most intense heat events I’ve ever seen for so far north,” writes meteorologist Nick Humphrey.

Abnormally high temperatures also are being recorded around the world, with countries such as Canada, Ireland, Scotland and those in the Middle East. All are experiencing the hottest weather they’ve ever encountered.

Roads and roofs have been buckling across the British Isles in the past week as Europe bakes. Scotland has set its highest temperature ever — 33.2C, with the city of Glasgow at 31.9C The Irish town of Shannon topped 32C.

Northeastern America is experiencing an intense ‘heat-dome’. Denver has tied its all-time record of 40.6C. Burlington, Vermont, had its hottest minimum temperature ever of 27C. Montreal has had its hottest day since records began 147 years ago — 36.6C.

Things are extreme in the Middle East. Quriyat in Oman posted a world record for the hottest ‘low’ temperature — cooling to just 42.6C overnight on June 28.

In April, Pakistan broke the record for the hottest temperature ever observed on the planet for that month — 50.2C

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