Hoddle hero Daniels says first aid training ‘kicked in’

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By PA Sport
29/10/2018 at 23:36Updated 30/10/2018 at 00:48

The family of the former Tottenham man thanked BT Sport staff for their quick reactions.

Special constable Simon Daniels revealed how his “natural instinct” of first aid training helped former England manager Glenn Hoddle after the 61-year-old collapsed at the BT Sport studios.

Daniels, a member of the production crew, gave Hoddle immediate medical attention when he suffered a heart attack shortly after appearing on the broadcasters’ show with Robbie Savage on Saturday morning.

On Sunday, a spokesman for Hoddle said he remained “in a serious condition”, but was responding well to treatment.

Reports emerged on Monday that the former Tottenham midfielder had been moved out of intensive care and was able to talk to his family.

Daniels’ swift actions were praised by both Hoddle’s family and also Assistant Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police Nikki Ross, who said he had been “incredible”.

Speaking to the Mirror, Daniels said his first aid training had just “kicked in” instinctively as he went to help.

“The live programme had just come off air. I was in the sound control room. Glenn was there with other presenters. I heard a bit of commotion,” Daniels told the Mirror.

“My natural instinct was to help. Glenn had collapsed and was clearly unwell.

“I did the standard ABC [airway, breathing, circulation] checks. I immediately started CPR, a defibrillator was brought to me. I continued CPR and used the defib.

“The paramedics then turned up and I continued CPR until he was taken to hospital.”

Daniels added: “Our number-one priority is always preservation of life, and so my training just kicked in.

“It wasn’t stressful, but it was hard work. It wasn’t a matter of feeling stressed it was purely a question of his wellbeing.

“I don’t see myself as a hero, but I am very touched by all of the comments, both from Glenn’s family and the wider football and television community.

“My thoughts are with Glenn Hoddle and his family and I hope he continues his recovery. I look forward to seeing him make a full recovery.

“I would also like to praise the medical professionals, the ambulance service and doctors who worked on him.”

Daniels had also replied to Twitter post from BT Sport presenter Savage which called him a “hero”. The sound engineer maintaining he “just did what was necessary to give him a fighting chance” and his training as a special constable had “paid off.”

A statement from Hoddle’s spokesman on Sunday revealed the family’s gratitude towards Daniels and others who aided the former England midfielder on what was his 61st birthday.

“Glenn is now in the care of the professional NHS medical services, who have also been exemplary in helping him and the family during the last 24 hours,” Sunday’s statement read.

“Doctors have advised the most important thing for Glenn is time to rest.  Therefore, his family have reiterated the request for their privacy to be respected during this period.”

The football community was quick to support to the former Tottenham and Monaco midfielder, who won 53 caps for England.

England manager Gareth Southgate, who played under Hoddle for England, said: “My thoughts and prayers are with Glenn Hoddle and those closest to him following today’s distressing news.

“Everybody across the game is right behind one of English football’s greats and we are willing him to pull through.”

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