Importance of first aid compliance in the workplace

Reported by Stephen | 11:28am, Monday 04 July, 2016

People who are injured or become ill at work need immediate and appropriate medical attention. Workplace related injuries cost the Australian economy an estimated $60.6 billion each year, according to Safe Work Australia.

The law requires workplaces to have adequate equipment and qualified personnel who can provide first aid to workers when necessary.

Whether you are working in high-hazard or low-hazard environment, you are faced with numerous risks. Some of the first aid emergencies that might be encountered in a business include, burns, falls, musculoskeletal injuries and shock among others. The likelihood of these risks occurring increases when workers feel unwell. Costly injuries are likely to occur when workers lack concentration.

First aid requirements in a workplace depend on a number of factors including workplace location, nature of work, types of hazards, access to medical services and the number of workers present.

Below are some of the benefits of first aid compliance in the workplace:

Saves lives:

When serious injuries occur in the workplace, first aid helps reduce the severity of the injury. First aid also saves lives in a number of situations. A quick emergency response reduces recovery time thus less time is lost from injuries.

It improves the morale of workers

First aid compliance in the workplace not only guarantees safety to your workers but also enhances their well-being and morale. It helps build a strong relationship with your workers, thus creating a better working environment.

First aid training benefits workers

First aid compliance in the workplace involves providing first aid training to your workers. Trained workers know what to do when emergencies occur. They can also respond quickly to emergencies as they fully understand the steps to take. Trained workers not only know where the first aid kit is stored but also know how to use all the items in the kit.

Workplace incidents are always going to happen, and therefore, well -trained workers and the right first aid equipment guarantees a safe working environment. Lack of proper first aid can turn a minor injury into something more severe. Many workplace deaths occur due to lack of immediate medical attention. Besides facilitating recovery, first aid also helps save lives.

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