Incurable Skin Condition

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11-month-old with incurable skin condition gets blisters every time mother cuddles.

All a child wants when it is younger is to be cuddled by the mother and while most of them get the love abundantly, one mother in UK has to be cautious with her toddler in UK because of a unique problem. The child has a skin condition that makes the boy get blisters with touch because it is really fragile.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, a 11-month-old boy Jamie White from Eccleshall in Staffordshire is born with an incurable skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa that gives him blisters as soon as he is touched. The boy nicknamed ‘butterfly’ skin has skin that is so fragile that even if his mother touches him he gets painful blisters that take a lot of time to heal. The boy whose skin breaks easily is forced to wear his clothes inside out so that the seams and folds do not touch and hurt him.

The boy’s 32-year-old mother, Katie, has to spend one-and-a-half hour every night attending to him bandaging his wounds protecting him from infection. She also gives him morphine so that helps him deal with the pain. Unfortunately, the boy’s father has to even put a sticker on his pushchair asking people not to touch him.

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