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kookaburra devouring a live snake

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Tom Livingstone 24, 20189:24AM

Greedy kookaburra chows down on backyard snake

JUST when you think you’ve seen everything, a video like this one appears and you say to yourself, “Only in Australia”.

While most people would think crocodiles, spiders and snakes are the ones to look out for, spectacular footage has emerged of a kookaburra making a meal out of a snake in a Queensland backyard.

William Watson, a Sunshine Coast local was at home when he went to investigate a knocking sound coming from his yard.

That sound was the kookaburra bashing the snake’s body against the back fence, trying to stop his lunch from writhing around.

“You don’t see that every day,’ Mr Watson told ABC news.

There’s been no shortage of freaky animal stories coming out of Queensland recently, whether it’s crocodiles waiting in floodwaters, monstrous spiders needingto be rescued or snakes making a meal out of possums. It seems in this case the hunter has become the hunted.

Mr Watson said the snake squirmed the entire time he was filming.

By the time the bird took off, the only thing left of the snake was the tip of its tail hanging out of its beak.

According to the Australian Reptile Park, snakes are a favourite of the iconic bird, often using hard surfaces like trees or rocks (in this case, the fence) to break it up into smaller pieces for easier digestion.

Other favourites in the kookaburra’s diet include insects, fish, rodents, lizards, baby birds, snails and, of course, the proverbial worm for the early riser.

So next time you’re admiring that one of a kind laugh from our national feathered friend, remember just how much of a bad-arse this Aussie predator can actually be.

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