Local first aid provider devastated after thieves steal medical equipment

A Delta first aid provider has been dealt a crippling blow after thieves stole $14,000 worth of gear from his ambulances.

Doug House says he was crushed  when he realized the equipment wasn’t covered under his insurance policy.

                “My initial reaction was ‘who would steal from an ambulance?’ The vehicle that exists to help people. We’re supposed to be the good guys, who would steal from an ambulance. And my second thought of course, we’re a small private business, how are we going to recover from this?”

He says the equipment , including stretchers, radios, and defibulators, took him years to build up and his company often works for little or no money covering community events.

“A lot of the work we do is volunteer or for honorarium, just to assist the community, so just a buck here and two bucks there. So it takes quite some time. This is quite debilitating.”

Friends have since set up a crowd funding campaign to help him recover his life saving equipment.

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