Mum whose baby was saved by firefighters launches first aid courses for parents

Francesca Lowe has now organised basic paediatric first aid classes to help mums and dads prepare for an emergency.

A mum whose baby’s life was saved by heroic firefighters when he stopped breathing has set up a first aid course to help other parents cope in an emergency.

Francesca Lowe rushed into Leigh fire station when little Thomas, just weeks old, startedturning blue in the car on a Saturday afternoon in May .

The crew, who were training in the yard, gave him first aid and helped him start breathing again.

After giving Thomas, now almost six-months-old, oxygen therapy, they handed him over to paramedics. Thomas, who was born prematurely, has made a full recovery following the ordeal.

Sean Hansford
Baby Thomas Lowe

Francesca, 41, from Lowton , has now organised basic paediatric first aid classes to help mums and dads prepare for an emergency.

They will take place weekly at Lowton High School – Francesca’s former school – in conjunction with the local Sure Start Centre. She’s already signed up nine mums for the free classes.

Francesca said: “After it happened, I was left thinking I had to do something about it because so many parents wouldn’t know what to do in that situation.

“I knew I had a chance to make a difference and build some awareness of paediatric first aid. So many people shared the story online – I had to take advantage of that and take the opportunity to raise awareness.

“If this helps save just one child’s life, it will be worth it.”

The M.E.N. helped reunite Francesca and Thomas with Leigh station’s Green Watch crew days after the drama – and put her in touch with Dan and Joanne Thompson, who set up charity Millie’s Trust following the death of their baby daughter in 2012.

Sean Hansford
Firefighters Dan Ogden, Wayne Kesketh and Gordon Worthington with baby Thomas and mum Francesca Lowe at Leigh Fire Station

The Stockport charity aims to train parents and nursery staff following the tragic death of nine-month-old Millie in a choking incident at Ramillies Hall School and Nursery inCheadle Hulme .

Every member of nursery staff across the country could be trained within just three years, thanks to the inspirational couple’s campaign to change the law.

Francesca added: “After speaking to Joanne, and seeing what those two have done, I knew I had to do something too. In that situation, when it’s your child, you’re blinded by panic.

“Knowing what to do is so important – it really is a matter of life and death.”

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