NRL Confidential: The day James Graham infamously broke his hand

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Englishman James Graham has always been reluctant to talk about how he broke his hand while on Mad Monday with St Helens back in 2006.
The injury cost the firebrand prop his spot in the Great Britain side for the Tri-Nations that year, which left him angrier than usual.
And unfortunately for him, former teammate Leon Pryce has revealed the story behind it in his recently released autobiography Pryceless.
Graham won the competition with Saints that season and had passed out after some pretty big celebrations.

James Graham watches on. Picture: Mark Evans
James Graham watches on. Picture: Mark EvansSource: News Corp Australia
That’s when Pryce, along with teammates Lee Gilmour and Nick Fozzard, decided to take advantage.

“Gilly lay thick black dye all over Jammer’s ginger locks and his eyebrows. He doesn’t move because he’s dead to the world,” Pryce wrote in his book.

“It started running into his eyes so we dragged him to the shower and he starts to come around and sees that his hair is turning black!

“He goes mad, punches the wall and the window frame, going berserk.”

When asked about it on NRL 360, Graham said the prank “was not hilarious at the time for me, but everyone else thought it was genius and looking back it was pretty funny”.
According to Pryce, Graham took his anger out onto the street and deliberately crashed his car into Pryce’s, causing more damage to his own than his teammate’s.

“He didn’t speak to me properly for a good six months after that,” he added.

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