Quick-thinking student nurse saves toddler choking on chocolate button

Becky Topping, 20, was hailed a hero after spotting the tot’s face turning purple and using her first aid skills to save him.

A student nurse has been hailed a hero after she saved a toddler’s life when he choked on a chocolate button.

Quick-thinking Becky Topping, 20, was out with a friend in Belfast on Sunday evening when she had to spring into action.

The final year nursing student threw the tot over her arm and slapped his back until he threw up during the terrifying incident at the Spoon Street cafe on Ann Street.

Speaking to Belfast Live , Becky, from Carrickfergus, said the incident highlighted how important it was for everyone to have basic first aid skill

“My friend and I were out for frozen yoghurt and we were sat two tables away from the mother,” she said.

“She jumped up and I could see she was flustered and saying, ‘No, no, no’. I got up and could see the boy was in his buggy and she was trying to pull him out but was struggling with the belt.

“She got him out and I could see his face was purple so I just took him off her and threw him over my arm and slapped his back.

“It all happened very quickly, the whole thing was about 30 seconds. He threw up and there was a large chocolate button whole in his sick.”

Becky has been hailed a hero for her quick-thinking actions which helped save the life of the young boy.

But the modest student said she wanted to use the scary incident to help raise awareness for the importance of knowing basic first aid.

“The thing I want to get across is for everyone to know basic first aid skills,” she said.

“That and to be aware of large objects and the dangers of choking, especially for young kids because they explore everything with their mouths.

“I think everyone should know first aid. You do not think you will be called on to ever put it into practice but this shows you can.

“Even by watching a three minute video online it can help.”

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