Republic driver gives CPR to unconscious man

The driver administered CPR to the man for 45 minutes until ambulance arrived.

July 15, 2016
Recycling Today Staff

A Sacramento, California, collection truck driver for Republic Services, Phoenix, saved a stranger’s life by administering CPR.

While waiting at a red light on the corner of Antelope and Walerga in Sacramento, California, Kevin Pugh saw another car slowly roll through an intersection. The man inside the car seemed to be unconscious. After his light turned green, Kevin safely pulled over and hurried to the vehicle, which had come to a stop.
Pugh checked for a pulse but found none. While an onlooker called 911, Kevin proceeded to give the man CPR compressions while an ambulance rushed to the scene. Another bystander helped direct traffic, as this lifesaving effort unfolded in the middle of the street.
Days later, Republic Services received a phone call from the man’s family. After 45 minutes of CPR and multiple shocks at the hospital, the man survived and was resting at home.
The survivor’s wife told Republic’s Sacramento general manager, “The doctor told me that if it weren’t for Kevin performing CPR, my husband would not be here today. We are so blessed and thanking the Lord every day. Kevin is my husband’s guardian angel.”
Kevin Pugh drives a commercial front-load recycling truck for Republic Services. He has been with Republic for more than eight years. He is happily married with four children.
This story is from the USA so please note the emergency number in Australia is 000. What a great effort by an everyday first aid hero. 45 mins CPR for a stranger and it saved his life. These are the reasons we go to first aid courses and learn the skills. So that one day when it happens to you you have done a first aid courses and are prepared. Well done, I hope someone this good is close to me if i need some first aid help.

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