Scare for Ridell family

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Mark Riddell has urged all parents to get first aid training after a health scare involving his four-month-old daughter, Ava.

Ava has been in and out of hospital while battling bronchitis, but things got really scary when she experienced a coughing attack that provoked vomiting on Monday. She ended up losing consciousness and stopped breathing, prompting a frantic triple-0 call. Thankfully, Ava is now on the mend after being rushed to hospital.

“As she now recovers I thought I should share the story, not for sympathy, we are all OK and our Ava will make a full recovery,” Riddell wrote on Instagram.

“The reason is that after talking with Karli we both thought it best that we up-skill and get our first aid certificates, me to update mine and Karli to get hers. If you have young kids, seriously think about making sure one of you have it!

“If this helps one family not have to deal with what we went through Monday night then that’s a win.”

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