St John loses the right to provide first aid at MCG

ST JOHN Ambulance has lost the right to provide emergency medical assistance at the MCG after almost a century of voluntary service.

The Melbourne Cricket Club moved to a commercial contract for emergency health services in 2011. St John, which has helped thousands of partons at the ground since 1922, was awarded the first contract and continued to provide first aid staff until the agreement lapsed this month.

The MCC has since told St John, which provides up to 90 staff at each event depending on requirements, its services are no longer required after another tenderer, Event Aid, was chosen for the contract.

It is unclear if St John’s bid for a new three-year contract was beaten by a cheaper offer — which reaches a “six-figure sum” — but the MCC has defended its decision saying it was based on a range of factors, including what it said were the superior resources of Event Aid.

St John chief executive Stephen Horton, in a written message to staff, described the decision as a “huge loss” and expressed “disappointment” at losing the MCG contract “at this iconic venue after such distinguished service by our volunteers for so long”.

“This is a huge loss to our organisation after 93 years of service and I know that like me you will be very disappointed with this development,” Mr Horton told volunteers.


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