St John urges all parents be first aid ready

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Would you know what to do if your child burnt their arm, ingested chemicals, or had an asthma attack? Would you know what to do if they couldn’t breathe?

St John (NSW) is urging parents across the state to make sure they know first aid. One in four parents are reportedly confident in their ability to perform CPR on a child – a statistic that needs to change, according to St John (NSW).

Joshua Clark is a St John (NSW) trainer and father to an eight-month-old, and says the figure was alarming but not surprising.

“It can take just a second for something to happen to a child, not matter how closely you’re watching them. What matters is that you know how to react if your child gets injured, because those first few minutes can be absolutely vital,” said Joshua.

“If you don’t know what to do, you can’t help them. Especially with children, acting quickly and giving them the right care can make all the difference.”

“I’d recommend everyone do a first aid course with St John. It’ll help you know to handle a range of situations – from minor bumps and bruises to potentially life-threatening situations.”

St John (NSW) says common childhood injuries include poisoning, choking, falling and burns. Knowing what to do in the event of an injury or illness is vital. That could include knowing when to call for emergency medical help, how to handle a choking incident, or how to apply a sterile bandage.

Anyone who has a child in their care for extended periods of time should know basic first aid. There are courses available that are specific to common childhood injuries.

St John (NSW) runs the one-day Caring For Kids course which covers a range of injuries including resuscitation of an infant or child, bleeding, choking, and poisoning. The course is run in both metropolitan and regional training centres across NSW.

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