Sydney weather: Beaches to offer best place to beat a return of heat

Sydney weather: Beaches to offer best place to beat a return of heat

Peter Hannam
Published: November 25, 2015 – 4:31PM

The beaches will be the place to head to as Sydney’s last major burst of heat for spring moves through the city, sending temperatures into the high 30s and triggering a total fire ban.

Cooling sea breezes have kept a lid on Wednesday’s temperatures in eastern Sydney while the mercury has again climbed into the mid-30s in the western suburbs.

The city’s top so far on Wednesday is 29 degrees and may not be exceeded now that coastal winds have taken hold, Ben McBurney, a meteorologist with Weatherzone, said.

Thursday, though, will most likely have the westerlies more dominant, pushing temperatures higher again.

“There is a risk it could get to 37-38 degrees,” Mr McBurney said, adding that “beaches may see sea breezes most of the day.”

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that forecast, lifting its prediction for Sydney to 38 degrees, with similar temperatures expected across the Sydney Basin.

The bureau also issued a fire weather warming for Thursday for the Sydney metropolitan, Hunter, northern slopes, north-western, and Riverina. Total fire bans will also be in place for Sydney, the Hunter, the north-western and northern slopes regions, the Rural Fire Service said.

Central regions of the country are again copping scorching conditions, with little relief in sight for places such as Alice Springs. The town is already running about 3 degrees above average for November with daily maximums of 36.5 degrees. (See chart below for Wednesday’s heat.)

The heat has been long-lasting through the spring, and records in some regions “will be smashed”, Mr McBurney said.

Australia set record heat in the spring of 2013 and then again last year, and will most likely come close again.

“This spring will definitely be up there [among the country’s hottest],” Mr McBurney said.

Buster on the way

Sydney’s temperatures will most likely fall sharply when a cool change arrives on Thursday afternoon.

“This change will be a [southerly] buster at it flies up the coast,” Mr Burney said, adding that it may arrive between 2 and 4pm.

Before it arrives, areas to Sydney’s north may exceed 40 degrees, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s temperature chart:

Fire authorities are likely to be alert as the change moves in, with wind gusts of 90km/h possible in exposed areas such as Wattamolla to Sydney’s south.

“It’s looking like a pretty dry change,” Mr McBurney said.

Friday’s temperatures will cool off markedly, with the bureau currently forecasting a top of 23 degrees. Saturday may again have a mild day, with a top of 24.

Temperatures will start to climb again from Tuesday, as December and summer get going, although widespread rainfall may also arrive by midweek, Mr McBurney said.

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