CBSE reminds schools to have first aid training for teachers

NAGPUR: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently sent a circular to all affiliated schools, reminding them of the need to train teachers in first aid. While there are no new additions in the circular, the Board directed schools to adhere to the guidelines as it is directly connected with their affiliation status. The circular says, “As per the affiliation bye-laws of the Board, schools are also required to appoint Health and Physical Education Teacherwho, inter alia, can look after arrangements for delivering first aid in school.”

CBSE been continuously sensitizing schools affiliated to it about the need of imparting first aid training to their staff and students. The efforts by CBSE particularly include the comprehensive coverage of the topics ‘First Aid’ and ‘Basic Emergency Care’ in the Health and Wellness Manuals brought out by CBSE, incorporation of the topic of First Aid in the subject of Disaster Management and inclusion of First Aid as one of the eight co-curricular activities in the scheme of examination. Furthering efforts in this direction and in view of the fact that the delivery of first aid can preclude minor injuries from developing in major ones and save precious lives, all the schools are again advised to do everything possible to provide, in so far as reasonably feasible, a safe and healthy environment to students, the circular says.

CBSE asserts in the end that student should feel secure physically as well as emotionally once inside the school campus.

Great to see some of the larger up and coming countries making these first aid skills commonly taught to teachers. Even in Canberra Australia not all teachers are trained in a first aid course in Canberra. Hopefully in the near future this occurs. We do train schools in Canberra so if you are interested in getting a quote for a school first aid course in Canberra at your school please contact us.

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