First aid especially important in FNQ

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PEOPLE are more likely to suffer a snake, spider or croc bite in Far North Queensland than anywhere else.

That’s why paramedics are urging locals and travellers to take precautions when heading out this festive season.

“Preparation is key for these situations,” said critical care paramedic Neil Noble.

Critical care paramedic Neil Noble is asking Far North Queensland residents to take care for snakes when out in the natural environment over the summer holidays. Picture: BRENDAN RADKE.

“Finding out that you need a first aid kit when you’re on the other side of Chillagoe is probably not the best time.

“Make sure you’re prepared, make sure you have a first aid kit that has everything you need and make sure you have people around who know how to use it.”

He said people often travelled to remote areas alone, which was dangerous.

“If you’re going to go out remotely, please have someone with you so that if you get injured someone else can call triple-0,” he said.

“You’d be surprised how many tourists come here and don’t realise that it’s not 911 here, it’s triple-0.

“The good thing is that even if you do dial 911 it does come through to us anyway.”

Mr Noble said anyone bitten by an animal should stay where they are, have first aid administered and call triple-0 for specialist help from paramedics.

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