Red-bellied black snake hiding on thongs

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THIS Queensland woman got a particularly nasty kind of Christmas surprise, I’m sure a first aid course voucher would have been a better gift. It doesn’t get much more Australian than this.

DECEMBER 26, 201711:49AM

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BEFORE you suggest that everyone loves a surprise on Christmas Day, spare a thought for this Queensland woman.

A Sunshine Coast resident was shocked to find a small but deadly snake lurking at the front of her house.

Shared on the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers Facebook page, the post explained the unique Aussie discovery.

“A Caloundra resident got their Christmas present a little early this afternoon when she came home to find this Juvenile Red-bellied Black Snake curled up on her thongs at the front door … does it get any more Australian then (sic) that?” the post read.

As the black-coloured snake blended perfectly with the dark thongs, many commenters said they were stunned at how well the creature was able to match its host.

“I didn’t even see the snake! Blended so well with the pattern on the thongs,” wrote one user.

“I too had to look again after reading it,” added another.

Other commenters were quick to make light of the situation.

“Looks like a new antitheft device,” one wrote.

“Best antitheft device ever,” added another.

Killer Christmas present

Killer Christmas presentSource:Supplied


■ Leave it alone — snakes are not likely to chase you if you let them be.

■ If you see a snake inside, get all humans and pets out of the room, shut the door, fill the gap underneath with a towel and call a professional snake catcher.

■ If you see a snake outside, call a snake catcher if it disappears into a shed or under a vehicle.

■ Remember that even small snakes can be dangerous — baby brown snakes have venom right from the egg.

■ Stick to the trails in parks and reserves.

■ Keep your yard clear of long grass and rubbish.

■ Clean up after chooks and control rodents on your property as rats and mice are food for snakes.

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