First aid training for staff at public play areas stressed

Mum raises concerns after two-year-old falls, fails to get immediate medical attention.

Abu Dhabi: A mother whose two-year-old daughter was injured in a play area at a fast food restaurant in the capital has stressed the need for staff working at public places to be equipped to administer first aid.

The Filipina mother, who did not want to be named, said the staff at the fast food outlet could not do much when her daughter’s forehead started bleeding after she fell down in the play area last week.

“It was a deep cut and she bled heavily. I immediately asked for someone who could administer first aid, but the restaurant did not have any such person. All they had was a first aid kit.”

The woman said the fast food restaurant did its bit by contacting the mall to call an ambulance. She said her daughter was subsequently taken to hospital where she had to given four stitches on her forehead. She is now recuperating at home.

Loss of blood

The mother clarified that she was not complaining.

“I don’t want to complain against anybody. Ultimately, my daughter is my responsibility. But the point I want to raise is that my daughter would not have lost as much blood as she did if there had been a first aid-trained staff readily available,” she said.

“I don’t want any other parent to panic like me. My plea is that staff handling children in public play areas should be trained in first aid so that they are equipped to handle any untoward situation,” the woman added. In another case, an Indian mother said her four- year-old-son recently sustained a head injury while riding an electric car in an amusement area.

“He was attending a birthday party and he banged his head on the steering wheel when a car from behind hit him. For almost half an hour till I arrived, he had not received any medical care,” she claimed.

However, some indoor entertainment arcades which XPRESS contacted said they are equipped to provide first aid for children.

At Wanasa Land in Al Wahda Mall, for instance, Catherine Casalin, party-in-charge, said: “We have not had any serious accidents till date. But we are well-prepared in case of a mishap. We have a first aid kit with all necessary medication. At any point of time, we always have one staff member who has been trained to provide first aid.”

Similarly, Madel Balacuic, team leader at Adventure HQ in Dalma Mall, said all the 15 employees at the centre are certified to administer first aid.

“It is an adventure zone and minor accidents do occur But our staff are well-prepared,” said Balacuic. She said they usually make do with first aid kits for minor accidents. But in the event of a major accident, the mall management is roped in and steps taken to provide adequate medical care for the injured.

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