Hundreds ignore man dying on side of road after hit-and-run

A STREAM of cars, motorcycles and pedestrians passed by an injured man struck by a delivery truck on a New Delhi street, leaving him to die, news reports said on Friday.

Closed-circuit TV footage showed the man being hit by the small truck at 5.40am (local time) on Wednesday as he walked along the side of the road.

The man, who reports say was working two jobs to support a family living elsewhere in India, could be seen flying through the air and landing in the gutter. The truck driver got out of his vehicle but drove away after glancing at the man he’d injured.

Live accident in Dehli

One man who did stop at the scene, a bicycle rickshaw driver, ignored the victim but stole his mobile phone, which was lying beside him in the gutter.

He lay there for nearly 30 minutes before a friend happened to go past and alerted police. They did not arrive on the scene for more than 40 minutes. The man was dead by the time he reached the hospital. The driver, who told police the accident had happened because he’d fallen asleep as he was making early-morning milk deliveries, was arrested on Thursday.

India has a long history of similar stories, often because people fear that getting involved in serious accidents will lead to harassment by the corrupt and poorly trained police.

OMG, what a catastrophe! I have seen many new articles on how India is improving their first aid courses and training and this is the reason why they need to. Hopefully in the future all walks of life are made to complete a first aid course so that they are prepared for this situation. 

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