What are the most important things for a first aid kit?

Question: First aid kits can be really expensive and I would like to put together my own. What are the most important things I should have?

Answer by Carolyn Clementson, Professional Services Pharmacist at the Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse

You can definitely build your own first aid kit. The contents of a first aid kit will vary depending on its particular use. For example, a family with small children may have different requirements to a home where only adults reside and those living on a farm will have different to requirements to those living in cities. It is important to keep in mind that first aid kits in workplaces may have mandatory requirements.
However, the following inclusions should be considered for most first aid kits:
A triangular bandage
Bandages of various widths, including crepe, cohesive and elasticised conforming bandages
Non-adhesive dressings
Adhesive dressings and strips
Disposable gloves
Paper tape
Saline ampoules


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Every household should own at least 1 first aid kit. We have one in the house and one in each of our cars. Make sure you have a first aid kit this summer because you never know when you will have an emergency. If you really want to be prepared it would be worth enrolling in one of our first aid courses in Canberra. We guarantee you will not be disappointed by our first aid course as they are excellent and well priced.

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