Introducing first aid training in Brunei

|     Azlan Othman     |

IT IS better to be prepared for any unexpected instances in our daily lives. Therefore, knowing how to perform First Aid is a crucial skill that should be trained to all in efforts to help reduce injuries, promote the development of safety procedures and in extreme cases, prevent deaths.

“I encountered several incidents including when I personally assisted a child who was choking while eating food during a wedding reception. And there was a shopper who was choking at a local hypermarket,” said Haji Tajudin bin Muhammad, Head of Marketing of Kathis Management Services.

“We also provide an insight into the services that we offer to the Labour Department and to the staff of the Ministry of Development and hope to conduct roadshows with the relevant agencies. We also answer calls by relevant agencies to ensure that 80 per cent of the people in this country are well-versed with first aid.

“We assist Bruneians to be well-equipped with the aspects of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and the significance of HSE. We train the local trainers, be it in the government or the private sectors on first aid where our local instructors comprise experienced and retired matrons. Such training is also beneficial for parents and individuals. It’s better be safe than sorry,” Haji Tajuddin added.

Mohd Hussin bin Abdul Salam, Manager of National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Malaysia.

Mohd Hussin bin Abdul Salam, Manager of National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Malaysia.

We are collaborating with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the Ministry of Human Resources of Malaysia under the guidance of its Manager, Mohd Hussin bin Abdul Salam who has vast experience in Malaysia to conduct courses on First Aid as well as on HSE.

Meanwhile Mohd Hussin said he wanted to assist Bruneians and have their own training on this safety aspect which is now becoming a priority. They have been training Bruneians as part of the regional Asean spirit.

“By providing this first aid and HSE services, we are also offering job opportunities to locals. Courses offered by Kathis Management are even tailored for different groups of people. It will not be the same for executives or management staff compared to contractors or technical staff. For executives or management staff, it would include the setting up of committees,” Haji Tajuddin said.

Great work coming out of Borneo with the introduction of first aid courses and trainers from Malaysia. It is imperative that these third world countries learn the first aid skills and knowledge to be able to help in an emergency. Statistics say that first aid is more than likely t be needed by a family member  or friend. If you need to update your first aid and live in or around Canberra then now is the time to book in to a Canberra First Aid course, we do all of our public first aid courses at the Dickson Tradies but can also come to you if you have a group to be trained.

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