Legless! Red-bellied black snake snuggles into surprising spot

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A wayward red-bellied black snake brought a new meaning to the word “legless” after the metre-long serpent managed to curl its way inside a wine glass.

The venomous reptile was photographed snug inside the glass in Adelaide, sending many wine aficionados into a frenzy.

“Glass of red…. belly,” Snake Catchers Adelaide joked, sharing the picture to Facebook yesterday after it was called out to remove the snake.

The reptile was seen coiled up tightly inside the glass on a table, beside a bottle of Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz.

A red-bellied black snake was photographed coiled snug inside a wine glass in Adelaide. Source: Snake Catchers Adelaide / Facebook

“This red belly is almost a metre long, it’s just to show you how small of a space snakes can inhabit,” the reptile expert wrote.

“They love tight confined spaces. It makes them feel safe and secure. And he didn’t want to get out!”

One woman who saw the picture joked it was “not quite the full-bodied red” she liked to see on a Sunday afternoon.

Many others commended the snake for its fine choice of drop.

“We have the snake catchers come to Mollydooker every year for snake awareness training, first time I have seen one in a glass!” one man commented.

One woman asked if the serpent was drunk, to which the snake catcher joked: “Think so he couldn’t walk properly.”

Red-bellied black snakes are one of the most frequently encountered snakes on the east coast of Australia, and are responsible for a number of bites every year, according to the Australian Museum.

They are a shy species and generally do not deliver a serious bite unless severely provoked.

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