Mum’s first aid knowledge saves child

We say it every first aid curse we run. I cant believe how many parents don’t do first aid courses in Canberra. Its basic life skills that will save your family members life. Book in today people. Do a first aid course in Canberra. Canberra First Aid and Training. First Aid is the best. First aid courses are better than any other activity you will do this year.

WHEN Amy Michelle and her family sat down for dinner they had no idea of the drama that would unfold.

As they ate their meal, a scary thing happened.

“My daughter choked and was unable to have an effective cough, and she turned blue,” Ms Michelle said.

“Somehow my brain clicked and I remembered my first aid training, requiring back and chest blows. Luckily I was able to clear her airway.”

Alyssa recovered but her mother decided to take her to the hospital for an assessment.

“The hospital said she was lucky and it was a good outcome,” Ms Michelle said.

The positive outcome was less about luck and more about training.

Ms Michelle moved to Casino a year ago from Melbourne. She trained as a registered nurse years ago and also did an essential first aid course recently which should be undertaken every two years.

She urged people to do a first aid course.

“You never know when something like this is going to occur. I’m just glad Alyssa is alive,” she said.

“If I didn’t have first aid knowledge, my daughter would be dead.”

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